third generation High Speed Directed Launcher (HSDL-306) system

Saab has completed smoke testing of its third generation High Speed Directed Launcher (HSDL-306) system, part of its Land Electronic Defence System (LEDS), in a bid to improve its offerings for ground vehicles and anti-tank weapon defence systems.

The testing was conducted in the middle of March 2012 in Centurion, South Africa, and involved the deployment of a GALIX 13 multispectral smoke grenade launcher in a combination of coverage angles and different dispensing sequences.

The HSDL was mounted aboard a Mowag Piranha Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV) variant during testing to assess integration design and monitoring aspects such as recoil and power consumption reduction.

Developed as a joint effort between Curtiss-Wright and Saab Avitronics, the next-generation launcher offers reduction in power consumption, size and weight and future design flexibility in terms of different payload options and operational mission applications.

The LEDS is an active protection system designed to provide vehicle crews with significant situational awareness of laser emissions associated with anti-armour threats and allow rapid countermeasure response against threats.

Combining active signature management, soft-kill and hard-kill mechanisms, LEDS uses the Mongoose-1 missile to destroy the incoming threat located 5m to 15m from the vehicle.

The system features laser warning sensors, ADC-150 active defence controller and munition confirmation and tracking sensors (MCTS), which are coupled to the vehicle’s battle management system (BMS), turret controls, intercom system and sight display to alert the crew of potential threats.

The system can automatically or manually deploy countermeasures such as smoke, flares directly towards the threat rather than covering an entire sector.

The LEDS is currently fielded on the Dutch Army’s fleet of CV90 tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), French Army’s AMX-10RCR armoured reconnaissance vehicles, as well as on the Eagle IV, M60 Main Battle Tanks(MBTs) and Piranha 3 PMV.

Image: Saab’s LEDS active protection system during smoke testing. Photo: Saab Group.