MD 530F helicopter

MD Helicopters has released details of its new MD 530G armed aerial scout helicopter at HeliExpo 2014, currently underway at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, US.

Representing the next model in a line of purpose-driven scout attack helicopters, the MD 530G is based on the combat-proven MD 530F airframe, and is expected to provide expanded armed aerial mission capabilities for military markets.

MDHI chief executive officer Lynn Tilton said that the 530G builds on the combat-proven success of the 530F, adding heightened gross take-off weight capacity, modern weapons control and an extensive selection of weapons configuration.

"This impressive aircraft will continue the OH-6A legacy of a reliable, low-cost, quick-response armed aerial scout, equipped with modern weapons capabilities," Tilton added.

"The MD 530G will provide the operator the ability to find, fix and finish enemy targets on the ever evolving battlefield."

Designed for agile deployment with any rotary wing unit, the helicopter features increased capacity landing gear to support the 3,750 max gross takeoff weight (MGTOW), enabling the operator to utilise the increased useful load for additional range, endurance and weapons.

MDHI is already taking orders for the MD 530G helicopter, with completion of the new aircraft projected for the second quarter of this year. The first helicopter is expected to be delivered in the third quarter.

Image: The MD 530G armed aerial scout helicopter will be built on combat-proven MD 530F helicopter. Photo: Staff Sgt. Isaac Garden (U.S. armed forces).

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