NH Industries has announced that the Italian Army's UH-90 helicopters have achieved 3,000 flight hours in support of an aerial reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan.

The helicopters have provided tactical transport, reconnaissance, liaison and support to Special Forces, since their deployment to Afghanistan in 2012.

It also supported Train Advise Assist Command – West (TAAC-W) personnel, who were involved in training the Afghan Armed Forces.

The UH-90 is the tactical transport version of the NH-90 helicopter, produced by NH Industries for the Italian Army and the first NH-90 version deployed in international military campaign, according to a statement posted on the company's website.

The NH-90 features a large, full-composite airframe and a wide range of specialised equipment.

It features a fly-by-wire flight control system, which reduces the pilot’s workload and enhances flight performance.

NH Industries general manager Gianfranco Sottotetti said that the achievement demonstrates the NH-90's ability to operate in adverse environments.

In addition to a tactical transport variant of NH90 for land-based operations, NH Industries produces the Nato Frigate helicopter for naval missions.

The army's Task Group 'Fenice' also operates AH-129 'Mangusta' helicopters and it comprises teams qualified for helicopter emergency medical tasks and specialists of 66th Airborne Infantry Regiment.

Image: Italian Army's UH-90 helicopter was used for tactical transport and reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan. Photo: courtesy of NH Industries.