The Indian Army would soon be equipped with an "electromagnetic bomb" (e-bomb), Terminal Ballistic and Research Laboratory (TBRL) director Dr Manjit Singh said.

The Times of India has quoted the director as saying: "It would be equally capable of damaging the communication system and other technologies ensuring maximum and sudden setback to the enemy."

The bomb, developed by TBRL, would be based on explosive-driven, high-energy pulse power technology, which can produce a pulse current of 1.4MA from energy released by 2.8kg of explosives.

The weapon would be designed to neutralise an enemy’s command, control and communication systems, as well as cause huge destruction without harming humans.

The research and development phase on the weapon is expected to be completed within the 12th plan period.

The company is also producing more than one million multi-mode grenades (MMG) for the army to replace the existing 36m grenades.

TBRL is the ballistic laboratory of India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).