An army communication system.

A Comtech Telecommunications subsidiary has been awarded a contract to supply its SLM-5650A satellite modems to an undisclosed government systems integrator.

Delivered under the $3.1m contract by Comtech EF Data, the satellite modems will be used in support of the US Army Project Manager Defense Communications and Army Transmission System’s’ (PM DCATS) satellite communication programmes.

Comtech Telecommunications president and chief executive officer Fred Kornberg said the company’s single channel per carrier (SCPC) satellite modems are widely used in a majority of the US Department of Defense’s (DoD)tactical terminal programmes.

"This order is another example of our ability to support a diverse range of government SATCOM initiatives," Kornberg said.

Capable of supporting data rates from 8kbps to 155Mbps and symbol rates from 32ksps to 64Msps, the SLM-5650A is compliant with the strict requirements defined in MIL-STD-188-165A, modem types I, II, IV, V and VI for applications on defence satellite communications system (DSCS), wideband global SATCOM (WGS) and commercial satellites.

"This order is another example of our ability to support a diverse range of government SATCOM initiatives."

The modem, which can be modified to support G.703 and low voltage differential signalling (LVDS) serial interfaces, can also be incorporated with a four-port 10/100/1000base-T Ethernet network processor module that supports switching, routing and advanced quality of service protocols.

In addition, it can be fitted with the vipersat management system (VMS) to provide fully automated network and capacity management.

Additional contract details, including the number of modems ordered and delivery schedule, remain undisclosed.

PM DCATS acquires, implements and maintains strategic satellite and terrestrial communication systems with an annual budget authority of more than $550m, in an effort to enable information dominance for the Army, DoD, National Command Authority and international partners.

Image: Comtech SLM-5650A satellite modems will be used to support US Army’s satellite communications programmes. Photo: courtesy of Amy Walker.

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