Bae Systems Land Systems South Africa has partnered with PPS Vehicles, a subsidiary of SITNO, to market its newly designed tactical remote turret (TRT) to the South African Armed Forces.

BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa managing director Johan Steyn said: "SITNO is a valuable partner for us in this region and this partnership will allow us to offer more customisation and affordability for our customers."

SITNO board member Ludovit Cernak added: "This project not only delivers a competitive and modern product to our customers, but also demonstrates the shift in the market in modernisation of ex-soviet combat systems."

The TRT is a remotely operated turret designed specifically to provide self protection and ground fire support for light armoured vehicles (LAVs), mine protected vehicles (MPVs) and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

The lightweight system is capable of supporting a range of weapon configurations and also offers the firepower required by the high mobility tactical vehicles in defensive and offensive situations, making it suitable for amphibious applications.

TRT’s weapons suite includes a dual-feed rapid fire 25mm M242 Bushmaster cannon with 2×130-round bins, 7.62mm co-axial machinegun with 1,000 rounds, 4x76mm smoke grenade launchers, as well as anti-tank guided missiles.

It can be easily modified to carry other smaller calibre weapons and is equipped with electro-mechanical drives and sight equipment to facilitate all round observation, fast reaction time and accurate firing at ranges in excess of 2,000m.

TRT’s Rapid Target Designation function considerably reduces overall time taken for target lock-on during engagements.

According to the two companies, a simple vehicle interface enables integration of the system on the military’s current combat vehicles for the modernisation of ageing platforms.