Atk has been awarded a series of contracts with a combined value of $65m to supply medium and large-calibre ammunition to the US and allied armed forces.

Awarded by the US Army Manoeuvre Ammunition Systems, the contracts cover the delivery of 25mm, 30mm and 120mm tactical and training ammunition for air, land and sea platforms, as well as advanced capabilities for existing ground platforms.

The ammunition is expected to provide combat overmatch against current and future threats.

"The cornerstone of our business remains the production of proven tactical and training ammunition."

ATK Armament Systems division vice-president and general manager Dan Olson said: "The cornerstone of our business remains the production of proven tactical and training ammunition.

"Also, providing advanced rounds, such as programmable air-bursting ammunition, for platforms armed with our MK44Bushmaster® Automatic Cannons enables superior warfighting capabilities for existing systems to defeat future threats without the requirement for new weapons and weapons platforms."

Representing the final year of a multi-year contract previously awarded to the company for tank training ammunition, the large-calibre ammunition award includes funding for the delivery of 120mm, M1002 multi-purpose anti-tank, and target practice with tracer, designed for use with the M1A1 / A2 Abrams main battle tank.

Under the medium-calibre contract, the company will supply the MK310 programmable air-bursting munitions (ABM) with tracer to the Belgian Army for use with their Piranha III combat vehicles, which are outfitted with ATK-produced MK44 cannons and ABM fuze setting capability.

Additional products to be supplied include the 30mm PGU-13 high-explosive incendiary cartridge, LW30mm M788 target practice and M789 high-explosive dual purpose tactical round.

Also included are the 25mm M792 HEI-T, using the ATK-developed self-destruct fuze, and the 25mm PGU-23 untraced target practice cartridge.

Ammunition production is scheduled to be carried out at ATK-managed facilities within the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory in Rocket Centre, West Virginia, the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri, and New River Energetics in Virginia, US.

Programme management for the ammunition will be performed from the company’s Armament Systems division in Plymouth, Minnesota, US.

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