Atk has been awarded a modification contract by the US Army to provide additional ammunition and support for the XM25 individual semi-automatic airburst system (ISAAS).

The new $24m award is a modification of an existing engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) contract to provide additional ammunition, hardware, test and analysis support for further user assessments of XM25.

ATK was awarded a $65.8m EMD contract earlier in 2011 to provide design, integration, production and testing of full-up systems to ensure the weapon’s readiness prior to fielding.

The XM25 ISAAS is a semi-automatic, man-portable weapon system enabling the soldier to engage defilade targets by providing a 25mm airbursting capability in all operational environments.

The army has completed forward operational assessment (FOA) of the XM25 in Afghanistan and provided feedback for making further engineering refinements and improvements in the weapon system.