Iranian armed forces displayed the latest equipment and weapons to mark the country’s Holy Defence Week on 22 September.

The country has unveiled the Karrar (striker) turbojet-powered drone, Sejjil, Fateh 3 (Conqueror), Qiam 3 (rising) missiles and radar systems.

The missiles including Shahab 3, Shahab 2, Qadr 1 and Sejjil missiles as well as air defence systems including Zelzal, Fateh 110, Sam 6, Sayyad 1 and Tor M-1 were also on display.

Other equipment including Hodhod and Ababil drone planes, troop carriers, rocket launchers and devices to fight chemical and bacterial contaminations were shown as well.

The Jamaran and Sabehat destroyer models and navy missiles of Noor, Nasr 1, Nazeat, Kosar, Shahab, Ajdar and al-Fajr 2 navy missiles participated in the parade.

The parade also involved several classes of tanks and Saeqeh (Thunderbolt), Shahin (Falcon), Mohajer (Migrant) drone planes and Qazal helicopter.