The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded two defence contracts to Cosworth to explore how technologies used to protect racing drivers can protect front line troops in the battlefield.

The first contract is for a military vehicle accident data recorder and the second is for a blast event and vehicle integrity system.

The military vehicle accident data recorder is intended to capture crucial information following an incident such as improvised explosive device (IED) blasts and displaying it in a simple format.

The data recorder could help in the development of the equipment as well as the defence tactics, techniques and procedures used to counter IEDs.

The blast event and vehicle integrity system allows for a quick assessment of a vehicle’s condition and in decision-making process following a blast.

The UK Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Defence Lord Astor of Hever said marrying motorsport technology and military need is an exciting and innovative way forward.

“In the Centre for Defence Enterprise the MOD has a very good mechanism for embracing cutting-edge research that could benefit our troops in the future,” Hever said.

Cosworth is a supplier of Formula 1 engines and electronics.