BAE Systems has unveiled a new tactical remote turret, the TRT-25, fitted to the company’s new RG41 vehicle at the Eurosatory event in Paris.

The turret is specifically designed to provide self protection and ground fire support for light armoured vehicles, mine-protected vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles.

The TRT-25 weighs 850kg and features advanced day / night fighting and observation capabilities with a firing range of more than 2,000m.

The control station of the turret can be integrated anywhere in the vehicle, increasing space for additional crew or payload.

Armaments on the turret include a dual-feed 25mm M242 Bushmaster cannon with two 130-round bins, a 7.62mm machine gun with 1,000 rounds, and four 76mm smoke grenade launchers.

The TRT-25, equipped with electro-mechanical drives and sight equipment, allows all-round observation, fast reaction time and accurate firing.