The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has received the Avantguard unmanned ground combat vehicle (UGCV) from G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems, a joint venture of Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries.

The AvantGuard UGCV is specifically designed for counter IED and ground manoeuvring combat operations in harsh terrain environments.

The vehicle incorporates a set of modular payloads including ground penetrating radar, counter-IED jammer, mini-pop cooled thermal surveillance camera, and counter-human and vehicle detection radar.

Controlled by a mobile operational control unit, the AvantGuard can perform a wide range of combat missions including counter IED, advance guard, armed sentry, combat logistic support and autonomously following a guide-foot soldier.

The Avantguard has been designed based on the technology of G-NIUS’s Guardium UGV system, which provides rapid and effective combat capabilities tactical amphibious ground support vehicles.