<P>VT Group has received PAS 11000 certification from The British Standards Institution (BSI) for the group’s leading role in partnering with four defence companies in the UK.

The new certification was awarded for VT Group’s collaboration with its customer (Airtanker Services) and its supply chain (Interserve) on the future strategic tanker aircraft (FSTA) programme.

The other four companies taking part in the programme include EMCOR Group, Lockheed Martin, NATS and Raytheon Systems.

PAS 11000 is the world’s first collaborative relationship standard, which provides a multistage approach to help potential partner organisations work together.

The publicly available specification (PAS) is a framework specification that enables public and private sector organisations to apply good partnering practice and manage valuable business relationships.

PAS 11000 will provide formal recognition for companies that place significant importance on partnering and allow businesses to standardise partnering across their organisations, ensuring that collaborative relationships are effective and optimised.