UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised on the first anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks to work with India and other nations to fight terrorism.

The Prime Minister said the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks were an outrage and no one will forget the way that those responsible sought to cause the greatest fear and suffering.

“The terrorists’ ill-conceived plan was to create terror and uncertainty in the region while the government and the people of India were neither frightened nor incited but stood resolute,” Brown said.

“I shall reiterate to Prime Minister Singh, when I meet him at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, that the UK will work shoulder to shoulder with India and our international partners to confront this common threat.

“On the anniversary of this terrible event, my thoughts are with the people of Mumbai. I condemn terrorism in all its forms and wherever it strikes.”

On 26 November 2008, multiple sites in the Indian city of Mumbai were attacked with coordinated shooting and bombing attacks.

A total of 179 people were killed in the attacks, including at least 22 foreigners and six Americans.