The US Army has awarded a contract to Bae Systems for work on the Bradley fighting vehicles, multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) redesigned cabs, and M113A3 ambulance vehicles.

Under the $60.6m contract, the company will install survivability modifications on the Bradley vehicles, which include an advanced fire suppression system, new seats, new ammunition restraints and mounting provisions for armour tiles.

The contract also includes design updates for the Bradley Operation Desert Storm situational awareness vehicles and installation of the auxiliary power unit and environmental control unit modification kits on the MLRS cabs in the field.

In addition, BAE Systems will integrate mounted soldier systems on the M113A3 ambulance vehicle.

The system includes cooling vests for crew members, helmet-mounted display, wireless intercom improvements and the Check 6 infrared rearview system.

Work will be carried out at BAE Systems facilities in California, Texas and Pennsylvania.