The first rocket artillery system for the Singapore Armed Forces (Saf) has been unveiled during an ongoing exercise in Fort Sill, Oklahoma in the US.

The high-mobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS), which can be operated by a crew of three is a light truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher.

HIMARS can carry a single pod of six multiple-launch rocket systems that can shoot over 3,800 bomblets to penetrate enemy armour up to 10cm thick.

HIMARS Commander Second Sergeant Darren Lee said the system can pinpoint the target from 50km to 70km away with minimal collateral damage.

The SAF is scheduled to receive first 18 HIMARS units in the middle of 2010.

Exercise Forging Sabre, currently being held in Fort Sill involves integrated live-firing by multiple air and land sensors, and shooter assets.

Over 370 soldiers and airmen from the SAF are participating in the 24-day exercise, which is scheduled to end on 24 November 2009.