The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (Pla) has undertaken its first integrated troop logistic support exercise for large-scale joint operations.

During the exercise, codenamed Advance 2009, the troops demonstrated their training skills and logistics specialities and simulated real-war conditions through data transformation via network.

In addition, the military units exercised integrating various logistic support factors at campaign and tactic levels, including a loading and unloading drill of emergent military railway transportation and a medical rescue drill on a moving train.

Alongside the exercise several skill demonstrations including vehicle-transportation force, medical rescue for anti-chemical emergencies, rush-repair and mine-disposal, precise operation of engineering machinery and field medical rescue were also carried out.

Advance 2009 focused on the integrated use of the various logistic support forces in joint operation aimed to improve the decision-making capabilities of army logisticians.

Troops from Shenyang Military Area Command (MAC), the Beijing MAC and the PLA Third Military Medical University participated in the event organised by the general logistics department of the PLA.