The French Army will receive 500 SITEL (système d’information terminal elémentaire) vehicle-mounted tactical information systems from SAGEM, a member of the Safran Group.

The SITEL is a tactical radio and navigation system designed to provide connectivity between basic units and combat vehicles using a terminal with a touch screen and digital map.

SITEL allows both combat and support units to exchange formatted messages, calculate the range of a target, consult databases and share displays of tactical situations.

The systems are already installed on several types of combat vehicles, including the new Panhard PVP (petit vehicule protégé).

The vehicle-mounted information system is interoperable with the army’s other information systems, including FELIN integrated equipment suite (soldier modernisation programme).

Sagem, in cooperation with information technology company Cap Gemini, has delivered around 1,200 SITEL systems out of a planned 4,500 terminals.