The US Army has awarded a contract to aviation services company M7 Aerospace for the Life Cycle Contract Support (LCCS) services for the Army’s fleet of C-26 Metroliner aircraft.

Under the contract, the company will provide support services for the operation and maintenance of the aircraft which includes inspection, maintenance, spares, support equipment, engineering support, staff field sites and field teams to service aircraft away from their home bases.

The C-26 Metroliner is a high performance, fixed wing, twin engine turboprop aircraft which can carry two crew members and 19 passengers or an equivalent cargo or a combination of both.

The take off power of the aircraft is 820kW with a maximum continuous power of 746kW. The Metroliner is equipped with a 106in-diameter McCauly full feathering, reversible, constant speed four bladed propellers.

M7 Aerospace will provide LCCS support for up to five years for the Army’s fleet of C-26 Metroliner aircraft. The management office for the programme will be located at M7 Aerospace’s headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.