The Irish Army has contracted Israel-based Elbit Systems for the provision of equipment to be mounted on a new fleet of RG-32M armoured vehicles currently being built in South Africa.

Under the contract, the company will design and supply surveillance pods and masts to be mounted on some of the initial fleet of 27 new Irish armoured vehicles, which are being bought from BAE Systems South Africa.

According to tender documents from the Department of Defence, the surveillance equipment will provide more accuracy for directing artillery fire.

The RG32M is a 4×4 light armoured vehicle weighing about 7,300kg, with a crew of between five and seven.

The vehicle’s all-steel welded armour, monocoque hull protects the crew against small arms fire, grenades, anti-personnel mines and land mine detonations.

The vehicle can undergo various military and non-military applications, including liaison, scouting, patrol and peacekeeping missions.