The US Army has received the first two pre-production Enhanced AN/TPQ-36 counterfire target acquisition (CTA) radars from Lockheed Martin at the Defence Systems & Equipment International 2009 exhibition in London.

The newly delivered enhanced AN/TPQ-36 CTA will be integrated into the army’s 6×6 medium tactical vehicles and will replace the curently deployed AN/TPQ-36 (mortar) and AN/TPQ-37 (artillery and rocket) location radar systems.

The new radar system features an active array antenna, a 60kW towed generatoran operational control centre and a back-up trailer-mounted generator.

The enhanced AN/TPQ-36 CTA can be operated in the S band with four people for a 72-hour period to detect cannons, rockets and mortars within its range.

Two pre-production radars are currently undergoing user trials at the Yuma Proving Ground and will be followed by a further two systems in 2010.