The US Army has awarded a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to Trace Systems to support defence communication systems at the Southwest Asia Command and Control Communications Centre.

Under the five-year BPA the company will provide a wide range of solutions, including wireless technologies, voice and data solutions, inside / outside plant, premise wiring, and technical control facilities for the director defence communication systems – Southwest Asia (PD DCS-SWA).

The BPA supports all phases of projects, including technical and program management and analysis, engineering, integration, testing, logistical services, training, and other materials or services required.

Trace Systems president Terry Severson said that he was pleased to have received the BPA award and the company is also ready for tough competition at the task order level.

“The ability to rapidly support US and coalition forces’ communications requirements in a war zone is critical,” he said.

The BPA also includes terrestrial communications infrastructure for support units, activities or agencies assigned or anticipated to be assigned to the Southwest Asia region.

The material suppliers selected by the company include ITT Corporation, GTSI , Paxton International and Atlantic CommTech Corporation.