The Dutch Army has awarded a €17m contract to German heavy diesel engine maker Tognum to supply more than 200 MTU (Motoren und Turbinen-Union) engines for the Boxer armoured vehicle.

According to the purchase order, most of the engines will be supplied for the Dutch Army’s Boxer vehicles while a smaller number will be for the Boxers used by the German Army.

The Boxer is a heavily armoured, off-road, 8×8 AWD German-Dutch multirole armoured fighting vehicle used to perform multiple operations.

The 33t vehicle will be powered by an MTU 8V 199 TE20 diesel engine with a power output of 530kW which accelerates the vehicle to a maximum speed of above 100km/h.

the engine series 199 has been modified by MTU for military applications which include a power upgrade as well as dry-sump lubrication allowing the vehicle to operate at extreme inclines.

The Dutch Army is expected to receive the first batch of vehicles in early 2011 while the first standard-production vehicle will be delivered to the German Army on 23 September 2009.