The US Army has awarded a $17m contract to Apriva to build and operate an updated gateway for its personnel to access information using their smart phones.

Under the contract, Apriva will operate and maintain the multicarrier entry point (MCEP 1) gateway for the Defense Information Systems Agency’s secure mobile environment portable electronic device (SME-PED) network, as well as building, operating and maintaining the upgraded gateway (MCEP 2).

The SME-PED technology will allow military officers to securely access classified information system from any location. Other features include ‘top secret’ voice, secure email access, web browsing and document viewing.

Based on the commercial multiprotocol gateway infrastructure, the MCEP intelligently routes traffic among multiple domains without ever storing or queuing messages. The secured gateway will also prevent any authorised user’s information being tracked outside its domain.

The Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) is the contracting agency for the initial one-year contract, which has a option for an extension of four years.