The US Army has awarded a contract to defence supplier Textron Marine & Land Systems to build extra armoured security vehicles (ASV).

Under the $200m contract, the company will provide the army with 191 M1117 ASVs and 38 M1200 armoured knight vehicles. Approximately $99m is already funded under the US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command.

The company will also provide 32 M1117 ASV special tool-field sets, 11 M1117 ASV special tool-sustainment sets, ten M1200 AK special tool-field sets and three M1200 AK special tool-sustainment sets.

The 4X4 ASV uses multiple layers of armour to protect the vehicle from small arms fire, artillery projectile fragments, improvised explosive devices and land mines. The ASV uses a four-wheel independent suspension system to provide superior mobility, agility, handling and ride quality.

The ASV is made of steel, ceramic and fibreglass and is used to perform a wide variety of missions including scout, infantry personnel carrier, reconnaissance, command and control and recovery.

The delivery of the vehicles is expected to start in February 2010 and could continue up to 2013 if all options under the contract are exercised.

Textron Marine & Land Systems has delivered 2,153 ASVs to the US Army to date. The company will build the vehicles at its eastern New Orleans and Slidell plants.

The US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command has awarded the contract that totals approximately $200m, of which $99m is currently funded.