The US Army has contracted ARINC and Impeva Labs for additional test deployments of their mesh network satellite-based global asset visibility system.

The network Next Generation Wireless Communications (NGWC) for logistics applications efficiently transmits data on the condition and location of all assets, using only a single, secure, long-range communications channel.

The award follows recent successful testing of NGWC at Moffett Field, California.

The system was tested for continuous visibility of large quantities of assets during simulations of depot storage and truck or rail transportation.

The contract covers deployments of the NGWC system in two very different environments.

The first NGWC tracking system deployed at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, includes tracking of individual military assets during sea transport and offloading in the 2009 JLOTS (Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore) amphibious exercise.

The second, to be deployed at the army’s 36,000-acre Sierra Army Depot in California, will provide continuous real-time visibility of containers, rolling stock and other selected assets.