Australia-based Metal Storm Incorporated (MSI) has announced the launch of its latest lightweight weapon system, the GLH1851 multishot accessory under-barrel launcher (MAUL).

The MAUL is an ultra-light shotgun attachment that fits under the barrel of individual combat weapons, including the M-4 and M-16 rifles. The attachment provides a range of less-lethal, lethal and door-breaching capabilities as an integrated, lightweight accessory to the user’s main combat weapon.

MSI general manager Peter D Faulkner said that this product incorporates Metal Storm’s electronic ballistics technology in a 12-gauge weapon that weighs only 1.8lb.

“The MAUL was conceived with a great deal of influence from the US operational community. We were consistently told that weight should be at the top of our design priorities. At 1.8lb, we think we have set the bar for a five-shot semi-automatic shotgun,” said Faulkner.

Faulkner also said that MSI was seeing a particularly strong interest in less-lethal applications from military, security and law enforcement communities.

“The MAUL readily adapts to the unique aspects of urban operations with a range of traditional and speciality capabilities to include stand-off door breaching and neuro-muscular incapacitation.”

Metal Storm’s weapon technology uses computer-controlled electronic ignition and a system of stacked projectiles, to achieve a completely non-mechanical gun that is lightweight and compact, providing a very high firepower-to-weight ratio.