Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has delivered the second phase of the US Army’s logistics modernisation programme (LMP) for the Army Materiel Command (AMC).

With the implementation of phase two of the LMP, the system user base has increased to 8,500 from 3,500.

The LMP stands at the centre of the army’s business transformation initiatives and aims to provide a fully integrated supply chain, maintenance, repair and overhaul planning solution.

The programme aims to deliver real-time situational awareness and decision-making capabilities and ensure the supply of warfighters can be carried out more quickly and cost effectively.

CSC’s North American public sector president James W Sheaffer said that the initiative works towards streamlining supply chain logistics.

“The LMP reduces the logistics footprint needed to sustain the warfighter and improves supply chain effectiveness throughout the army,” he said.

Sheaffer said that the LMP has increased asset visibility, enhanced data accuracy and integrity.

He added that the LMP also improved reporting and integrated financial management capabilities that enable supply planners and leadership to make strategic decisions about logistics operations in real time.

The LMP interfaces with more than 70 US Department of Defense systems, manages a multi-billion-dollar inventory with thousands of vendors and handles 2.5 million transactions daily.

CSC was awarded the LMP contract in 1999 to supply a fully integrated suite of software and business processes.