Northrop Grumman Corporation and Dhs Systems have won a US Army contract to supply mobile tactical operations centres that can be rapidly deployed for command, control and communications on the battlefield.

Under the army’s Standardised Integrated Command Post Systems (SICPS) Family of Trailer Mounted Support System (TMSS) contract the firms will produce, integrate and deliver suites of tents, trailers and command posts complete with climate control and power for lighting, computers and large screen displays.

The 60-month contract is potentially valued at $240m, with the army expected to place four additional orders over the next five years.

The TMSS medium and large Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) systems, manufactured by DHS Systems, provide up to 1,100ft² of usable space and can be set up in less than 40 mins.

The system is supported by a trailer providing electrical power and an environmental control unit capable of operating in temperatures from 50 degrees below to 131 degrees above zero Fahrenheit.

By staff writer