Lockheed Martin has successfully integrated key shipboard combat system components, including the radar and missile launcher, with COMBATSS-21, the core combat management system aboard the US Navy’s first littoral combat ship, PCU Freedom.

Freedom’s COMBATSS-21 is a total ship combat management system, designed to deliver capability rapidly and affordably.

Originally built through a high degree of reuse from the Aegis weapon system, COMBATSS-21 is now part of a common product library that delivers to Aegis, LCS, the US Coastguard’s Deepwater programme and international navies.

Key components integrated with COMBATSS-21 include the radar, gun weapon system, missile launcher, decoy launcher and electronic warfare system.

The successful integration and testing validated Lockheed Martin’s open architecture approach with both COMBATSS-21 and Freedom itself, Lockheed said.

During the integration testing, targets of opportunity were engaged and tracked to demonstrate operability.