SOFRADIR has launched the industry’s most compact cooled 15 micron pitch 1/2 TV format Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) detector.

Epsilon, a new 384 x 288 15 microns pitch 1/2 TV format MWIR detector, offers defence equipment manufacturers smaller size and lower power consumption advantages, the company said.

Epsilon applications include military-grade hand-held systems, such as night-vision goggles and small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, (UAVs).

Defence manufacturers see weight reduction in these applications as important to minimising operator fatigue in infrared (IR) goggles and enabling smaller UAVs to carry payload with cooled IR detectors.

Epsilon is roughly half the size and weight of other mid-wave 1/2 TV format IR detectors.

Its 15 micron pixel size is compatible with small IR optics, the key feature that allows system integrators to bring additional reductions in size and weight.