Raytheon and Swift Engineering are to work together to provide the US Navy and Marine Corps with an unmanned aircraft system for their Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Tier 2 missions.

Raytheon will lead the team, while Swift will provide its KillerBee unmanned aerial vehicle.

KillerBee has the ability to insert persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance into the battlespace and rapidly deliver actionable intelligence to combatant commanders, Swift says.

Raytheon says the KillerBee Ground Control System (GCS) will utilise the company’s Tactical Control System while incorporating advancements realised from the development of its Multi-Vehicle Control System.

The GCS can simultaneously control multiple, dissimilar vehicles and is based on standard NATO architecture, providing vehicle flight control and a visual presentation of flight data.

The system will undergo flight tests throughout 2008, Raytheon says.

By staff writer