The US Army has awarded contracts to Bae Systems Land and Armaments ($449.9m), and General Dynamics (GD) Land Systems ($439.7m), for the ground combat vehicle (GCV) programme technology development phase.

Under the 24-month technology development phase, the companies will develop affordable and executable designs for a new army infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

The army will follow a three-pronged approach during the first phase of the GCV acquisition strategy, wherein contractors will work collaboratively with the army to meet its requirements.

The army will separately analyse alternatives and conduct technical and operational assessment of existing non-developmental vehicles to help proceed towards the next phase.

US Army chief of staff General Martin Dempsey said, “The GCV is the first combat vehicle designed from inception for an IED environment. It will provide armour protection and the capability to manoeuver cross-country with the nine-man infantry squad.”