Israel has approved a set of upgrades for its Patriot missile defence system to boost its interception capabilities.

The upgrades include installation of new software as well as hardware changes to the radar system to enable the launch of PAC-3 missiles, which is an advanced version of the interceptor.

The Jerusalem Post quoted an official as saying, “The upgrades will see improvements in the system’s ability to detect and intercept missiles that could not have been intercepted before.”

The Patriot serves as Israel’s defence system against medium-range missiles, while PAC-3 has an interceptor missile that uses a hit-to-kill system.

The nation has plans to replace the Patriot with David’s Sling, a missile system under development by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Raytheon.

David’s Sling uses an interceptor called Stunner, fitted into a launcher that can hold 16 missiles to defend against Iranian missiles such as the M600, Zelzal, Fajr and Fateh 110.