Lockheed Martin, along with DRS Technologies and DAYLIGHT DEFENCE, has submitted a proposal for the technology demonstration phase of the US Army’s common infrared countermeasure (CIRCM) programme.

According to the proposal, Lockheed’s solution will work with the US Army existing common missile warning system (CMWS) to provide rotary-wing aircraft with a laser-based countermeasure for current and emerging threats.

The proposed solution will be integrated with Daylight‘s quantum cascade laser and DRS pointer tracker units in a uniquely distributed aperture design.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Platform Survivability Programme director Valerie Potthoff said the aperture design had already demonstrated the ability to defeat threats in government-conducted flight tests.

“Our solution balances the need for a lightweight system and a flight-tested, scalable system that addresses both current needs and growth for future threats,” Potthoff added.