Harris has received an order from a nation in Eastern Africa for Falcon III and Falcon II tactical radios.

Under the $4.6m order, the company will provide the African nation with the Falcon III RF-7800V very-high frequency (VHF) combat net radio for high-speed voice and data as well as Falcon II RF-5800H high-frequency (HF) manpack radios.

The radios will support the nation’s advanced command and control system that will deliver line-of-sight and beyond line-of-sight voice and data communications for a range of missions.

The RF-7800V provides high-speed data connectivity up to 192kbps, enabling wireless streaming video and high-resolution file sharing on the battlefield.

The RF-5800H features third generation-automatic link establishment (3G-ALE), integrated data link protocols and embedded GPS receivers and provides secure beyond-line-of-sight radio communications in the battlefield.