NATO will take charge of military operations in Libya to ensure a no-fly zone by early next week, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said.

“Compromise has been reached in principle in a very short time. The operation will be handed over to Nato completely,” he added.

The deal was brokered through UK First Secretary of State William Hague as relations between France and Turkey threatened to derail Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya.

A two-tiered structure was proposed, giving Nato assets command and control of military operations, the arms embargo, no-fly zone and civilian protection.

The second structure, modelled on Nato’s International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan, will combine Nato and non-Alliance countries to steer strategy.

The UN Security Council had imposed a no-fly zone over Libya allowing all necessary measures, which is jointly conducted by the US, UK and France, to protect civilians from Gaddafi’s attacks.