The Czech Defence ministry wants to sell redundant equipment including 900 vehicles, 6,000 pieces of firearms, armoured and air force equipment, firing devices and parachutes to balance its budget, the Defence Ministry’s Jana Zechmeisterova has said.

The military will also sell 60,000l of kerosene, 18,000 pieces of ammunition, 650,000 pieces of military gear, cauldrons, pans and coolers.

About 700 civilian employees will be discharged by the end of the year as a cost-saving measure.

The ministry earned about CZK230m ($13m) in 2010 and expects to earn CZK64m ($4m) in 2011, according to Czech News Agency.

The defence spending for 2011 has also been reduced to CZK44bn ($2.4bn) from this year’s CZK49bn ($2.7bn).