Leonardo DRS, Inc. has secured a 30-month performance prototype contract (PPC) from the US Army to produce the next-generation Joint Effects Targeting System II (JETS II) – an advancement in multi-sensor targeting technology. 

The JETS II system, an evolution of its predecessor, JETS I, is a handheld precision laser targeting system that attempts to improve precision targeting in combat scenarios. 

By providing forward observers with the ability to call in precision munitions, JETS II aims to enhance target success rates and bolster the safety of soldiers on the ground. One of its features is its capacity to reduce weight while improving precision accuracy.

Jerry Hathaway, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Leonardo DRS Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems business unit, expressed the company’s pride in advancing their technology.

“We are proud to have built on the success of our JETS I technology to provide the most comprehensive handheld target location system available today. By working closely with our customers and listening to their needs, we have delivered a product that gives users a distinct advantage on the battlefield.”

Elbit Systems of America has also been selected by the United States Army to develop a prototype Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS) II product, enhancing targeting capabilities for Forward Observers. The JETS II system aims to reduce the time between threat detection and elimination in all operational environments.

The JETS II system is designed to be man-portable and offers the capability to acquire, locate, and engage targets with precision-guided munitions, all while enhancing the effectiveness of engagement with unguided munitions. 

Its features include day and thermal night-vision sights, a celestial navigation system, an eye-safe laser range-finder, and a digital magnetic compass, among others.

This technology is set to streamline target acquisition, reduce the number of munitions expended, and boost overall target success rates.

With forward observers equipped with this technology, the US Army is taking a step towards ensuring the safety and effectiveness of its troops on the front lines. This development is about saving lives and resources in the field of combat.

In October 2022, Leonardo DRS’ US subsidiary was awarded a $579m, five-year contract by the US Army Contracting Command to manufacture advanced thermal weapon sights, known as the Family of Weapons Sight – Individual systems, which offer wireless connectivity to helmet-mounted vision systems. 

In the past, Leonardo DRS also secured a contract worth approximately $39.5m from the US Army to provide third-generation forward-looking infrared sensors, which will replace the army’s existing second-generation Horizontal Technology Integration sensors.