Israel has delivered the first multi-mission radars (MMRs) for Iron Dome Defense System batteries to the US Army.

The MMRs, manufactured by Elta Systems, were delivered by Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) in the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Defense R&D (DDR&D).

The delivery comes more than a month after Israel delivered the first of two Iron Dome Defense System batteries to the US Army.

Under a contract finalised a year ago, the US Army agreed to procure two Iron Dome missile defence system batteries to enhance its short-range missile defence capabilities.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the procurement included 12 launchers, two sensors, two battlement management centres and 240 interceptors.

The batteries contain the MMRs, which provides the system with air surveillance capabilities and help in detecting aerial threats. The radar is also capable of calculating the impact point in real-time.

IAI vice-president and Elta CEO Yoav Tourgeman was quoted by the publication as saying: “The MMR radar is operational in Israel and other countries. We are proud to supply our most advanced systems to our allies, the US Army.

“The MMR radar addresses a broad range of needs by locating and tracking incoming rockets and artillery shells and by providing a comprehensive aerial situation assessment.

“The MMR radar will maintain our allies’ military edge. The demand for mobile, combat-proven MMR systems is on the rise.”

The second Iron Dome battery is expected to be delivered in the near future.