The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced the completed testing of canister-based Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM).

The system hit a Banshee pilotless target aircraft at medium range and altitude. It was launched when the target was tracked to be in the kill zone and the direct hit was achieved with terminal active homing by RF Seeker guidance.

The test was carried out by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on 13 November. It marks an important milestone towards the induction of the missile.

DRDO conducted the test at the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur, which is located off Odisha coast, India.

The missile was launched using a single-stage solid-propellant rocket motor and features locally manufactured subsystems.

During the flight test, battery multifunction radar, battery surveillance radar, battery command post vehicle, mobile launcher and other QRSAM weapon system elements were deployed.

The system is designed to provide the Indian Army with air defence coverage against strike columns. It can detect and track targets on the move and engages with the target with short halts.

The test saw participation from different DRDO labs, Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Instruments Research and Development Establishment (IRDE), Integrated Test Range (ITR), Research and Development Establishment (Engineers) R&DE(E) and Research Centre Imarat (RCI).

The system is expected to be ready for induction next year.

Earlier this month, the Indian MoD announced that the enhanced Pinaka rocket completed the flight test on 4 November.

India is enhancing its defence capabilities through increased spending and procurement amid the ongoing conflict with China.

Last week, the Indian Army destroyed a number of army bunkers and positions of Pakistan along the Line of Control (LoC), after Pakistan carried out heavy shelling in many places.

According to reports, the altercation led to the deaths of at least eight Pakistani soldiers and injured twelve more.

Since May, India and China have also been engaged in a military standoff in contested territories along the LAC in Ladakh.