German sensor specialist Hensoldt is set to deliver six additional TRML-4D radars for the Ukrainian armed forces, as part of a significant order exceeding €100m ($107m).  

The additional radars are being procured to further enhance Ukraine’s air defence capabilities. 

Delivery of these six additional radar systems is expected to take place later this year.  

The TRML-4D radar employs the active electronically scanned array (AESA) technology, enabling the swift detection and tracking of approximately 1,500 targets within a 250km radius.  

In addition, the radar system offers a 360° coverage and provides both near- as well as long-range ground to air detection.  

It can identify, follow, and classify a wide range of aerial threats, including drones, cruise missiles, helicopters, and aircraft.  

Hensoldt CEO Oliver Dörre said: “Our radars are urgently needed by the Ukrainian air defence and we are proud to be able to deliver all the systems this year. The feedback from our customers confirms how important the rapid availability of the radars is for the protection of their citizens.” 

According to Hensoldt, the latest order brings its total contracts for this radar type to more than 50 units across various customers. 

In May last year, Hensoldt received a similar order worth over €100m to supply six TRML-4D radar systems for the Ukraine’s armed forces.  

Hensoldt’s product range further extends beyond the TRML-4D, including the SPEXER short-range radar, the Twinvis passive radar, and systems for maritime and air traffic security.  

The TRML-4D and SPEXER are integral to the German Armed Forces’ NNbS air defence system, which was initiated in January for close and short-range protection.  

Additionally, Hensoldt provides radars for the German airspace surveillance, frigates and corvettes, as well as the airfield approach control for the Bundeswehr or German Armed Forces.