The Groupement Momentané d’Entreprises (GME) team comprising Nexter, Arquus and Thales has delivered the last Griffon vehicle planned for 2021 to the French Army.

According to a Thales statement, the team met its delivery target for the year by supplying the 119th armoured vehicle to the armed forces.

All the vehicles were first sent to the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA/SQ) at the Nexter site in Roanne for verifications before they were assigned to regiments.

In a statement, Thales said: “Nexter, Arquus and Thales wish to highlight the quality of the industrial cooperation between all the sites involved in the programme and warmly thank their teams for the work carried out in 2021.

“Once again, they have shown total commitment to the execution of their mission in the service of the Army.

“The delivery of Griffon vehicles will continue at the same pace in 2022.”

The GRE team submitted 128 Griffons for verification last year and 92 in 2019.

Overall, a total of 339 Griffons have been supplied since the notification of the TC2 conditional tranche of the engin blindé multi rôles (EBMR) contract.

Griffon is a 6×6 armoured vehicle that can be used as a multipurpose support and transport vehicle.

The vehicle is being procured by the DGA to replace the aged Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé (VAB) 4×4 armoured personnel carriers.

Griffon is available in multiple versions including troop transport, command post, health, and artillery observation vehicle among others.

Last year, France placed an order for more Griffon and Jaguar vehicles from GRE.