The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has placed a new order with Saab to upgrade the vehicle simulators of the German Army.

The Skr107m ($13.04m) modernisation programme will be started by the company this year.

Under the deal, Saab will deliver new software and hardware to German Army vehicles and tanks operating the laser simulator BT 46, such as Leopard, Fennek, Marder and Wiesel.

Saab Dynamics Business Area head Görgen Johansson said: “The German Army has been a customer on the laser simulator BT 46 since 1985, and during the years we have delivered the system for almost all weapons on German fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.

“It is a proven simulator system for gunnery training with different weapons and for realistic and tactical combat exercises in field.”

“The German Army will be interoperable with most nations across Europe.”

SISO will be implemented in the vehicle simulators upgrade. It is the new standard for laser codes.

This means that the German Army will be interoperable with most nations across Europe.

Saab Dynamics Business Area Training & Simulation business unit head Åsa Thegström said: “An effect of the security situation in Europe is that more and more of our customers emphasise that interoperability is extremely important in order to carry out multinational exercises of high quality.

“We have a long and very good cooperation with the German customer and this order strengthens our relationship and Saab’s presence in Germany.”

More than 20 countries have deployed the BT 46 system to support combat training with vehicles and weapons.