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Germany is set to provide anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine as several Western countries agree to increase military aid to the embattled country.

According to a Reuters report, German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht noted that the government has approved the delivery of anti-aircraft, gun-equipped Gepard tanks.

Manufactured by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), the Gepard is a heavily armoured mobile air defence system based on the chassis of the Leopard tank.

The deliveries will be made from the KMW inventory.

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin also confirmed that Germany will deliver 50 anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine.

He added that the UK will also supply anti-aircraft capabilities to Ukraine, and that Canada plans to send eight armoured vehicles.

In a forum organised to discuss the Ukraine situation, Austin said: “I applaud all of the countries that have risen, and are rising, to meet this demand. But we don’t have any time to waste. The briefings today laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for Ukraine, so we’ve got to move at the speed of war.

“And I know that all the leaders leave today more resolved than ever to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression and atrocities.”

The ANP news agency reported that the Netherlands will supply a ‘limited number’ of armoured howitzers to Ukraine. The deliveries will be made in collaboration with Germany.

Norway has also decided to ship additional armaments to Ukraine.

The US State Department recently approved sale of various rounds of non-standard ammunition to Ukraine.