General Dynamics Mission Systems has installed a new GPS source onto US vehicles in Germany, which will allow US Armed Forces to operate even when GPS signals are degraded or denied.

The company began the installation of the Mounted Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing Data (PNT) System (MAPS) Gen 1 in September on selected Stryker armoured fighting vehicles.

The system could later be installed on thousands of vehicles across Europe.

General Dynamics Mission Systems, a business unit of American defence and aerospace company General Dynamics, is the current provider to the US Army’s MAPS Program of Record.

The company claimed that the modular vehicle-mounted MAPS Gen 1 system will monitor GPS signals for validity and send the data to military devices even when GPS signals are degraded or denied.

In the absence of reliable data, systems dependent on GPS fail to operate properly, affecting operational capability and soldier safety.

General Dynamics Mission Systems said that MAPS Gen 1 is scalable and upgradable, providing additional features and capabilities to troops.

The US Army can purchase the system through the Common Hardware Systems (CHS-5) contract for indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity acquisitions.

General Dynamics Mission Systems PNT products vice-president and director Robert Horton said: “The MAPS GEN 1 Assured PNT system that is being fielded today closes a capability gap for the US Army in major areas of responsibility around the world.

“GPS Source employees are excited to deliver such an important capability and to contribute to the safety of America’s soldiers.”

The US Army’s project manager for positioning, navigation, and timing (PM PNT) leads the initiative as the acquisition developer responsible for developing, modernising and integrating optimal and affordable PNT capabilities to promote action in army operations.

The PM PNT develops interoperable, reliable products in collaboration with other army and joint service partners to promote real-time secure PNT services for combat and combat support field missions.