At Eurosatory 2024, Arquus, a player in armoured vehicle technology, has introduced two vehicle offerings for modern military operations worldwide.

From high-intensity combat readiness to specialised missions, these capabilities aim to provide versatility and efficiency.

Arquus has long been synonymous with design in wheeled armoured vehicles. It caters to a global clientele that includes the French Army, where it dominates with a 90% market share. Its latest offerings, showcased at the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition, highlight its commitment to adaptability in the face of evolving global security challenges.

MAV’Rx: Frontline mobility for Middle Eastern nations?

The MAV’Rx unveiled as a prototype, represents Arquus’s new offering for heavy military role platforms. It integrates mobility, protection, and the capability to mount medium-calibre weapons for multi-role versatility. “This is our new heavy military role platform,” remarked an Arquus spokesperson. “We conjugate high mobility, high-level protection, and the ability to carry medium weapon systems.”

Capable of missions ranging from troop transport to command posts and anti-tank operations, the MAV’Rx stands out for its agility across diverse terrains and protection against threats. Its payload capacity ensures fire support, addressing operational needs. Expected to enter production by 2026, the MAV’Rx primarily targets export markets, focusing on the Middle East and Europe, notably in response to regional security dynamics.

Arquus’ focus extends to encompass broader market expansion and international partnerships. When asked which nations would benefit most from the MAV’Rx, an Arquus spokesperson highlighted, “I won’t talk about the specific countries, but mainly the Middle East because we have this kind of request to have a heavy vehicle like this. It can also interest European countries due to the conflict in Ukraine,” the spokesperson noted, hinting at the vehicle’s relevance in regions like the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

DRAILER: Arquus’s vehicle offering for robotic warfare

Arquus’s second new offering, the DRAILER, marks Arquus’s entry into the realm of robotic vehicles. Named for its drone-trailer hybrid design, the DRAILER offers versatility across demining, electronic warfare, and infantry support missions. “The main purpose of this vehicle is to offer the possibility for several missions,” explained an Arquus engineer. “It can be modulated in purpose with the mission.”

The DRAILER vehicle, the first robotic vehicle from Arquus. Source: Arquus

With a payload capacity of up to 750 kg and an operational autonomy of 1,200km, the DRAILER features a hybrid electric/diesel propulsion system for power and stealth in operational theatres. Scheduled for commercialisation in 2026, its development reveals Arquus’s commitment to advancing its portfolio of unmanned technologies in an effort to enhance operational effectiveness and reduce risk to personnel.

Market expansion and prospects

The MAV’Rx and DRAILER have been developed to meet diverse global demands, reflecting Arquus’s focus on expanding its market footprint beyond Europe.

As the global security landscape evolves, Arquus continues to attempt to move with it as it develops these new solutions to offer operational flexibility.

The Arquus spokesperson highlighted that the MAV’Rx’s market availability is primarily targeted towards international markets, given France’s existing Scorpion programme. It is poised to enter production by 2026.

Last year, Nexter, Thales, and Arquus achieved a milestone in the French Army’s Scorpion programme by delivering the 500th Griffon multi-role armoured vehicle and the 50th Jaguar armoured reconnaissance vehicle. The programme aims to deliver 1,872 Griffons and 300 Jaguars.