Elbit Systems Ltd. has secured a $109m (NIS415m) contract from BAE Systems Hägglunds (BSH) to provide their Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS) for the CV90 platform

This agreement, set to span three years, represents an advancement in bolstering the protection capabilities of armoured vehicles.

The Iron Fist APS boasts low volume, weight, and power requirements while delivering a high level of defence. Designed to operate in various environments, it offers 360-degree protection against various anti-armour threats, including rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and kinetic energy (KE) tank rounds, making it an asset in both open terrains and urban settings.

The Royal Netherlands Army is already equipping the CV90 infantry fighting vehicles with the Iron Fist APS.

This advanced APS system integrates sensor technology, combining search-and-track radar with infrared cameras and data fusion algorithms. This fusion enables threat detection, identification, and tracking. The system neutralises incoming threats by launching an explosive charge, creating a shock wave that effectively deflects or destroys the threat at a safe distance from the protected platform.

Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land, emphasised the system’s effectiveness, stating, “Recent conflicts have shown that armoured fighting vehicles and tanks face an increased danger on the battlefield. The Iron Fist has been proven to be effective against a range of threats, including kinetic energy rounds and drones, neutralising them far from troops inside combat fighting vehicles.”

Naturally, as an Israeli-based defence company, Elbit Systems also has secured a contract from the Israeli MoD for the Iron Fist Systems. However, in this case, the protection systems are used for Eitan Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Elbit and BAE Systems contribute to the safety and security of military forces operating in challenging, high-threat environments. The collaboration with BAE Systems Hägglunds reinforces the commitment to delivering technology to enhance the capabilities of armoured vehicles, ensuring the safety of personnel on the frontlines.

This contract signifies a step forward in safeguarding the future of European armoured platforms, underscoring the importance of advanced active protection systems in today’s dynamic security landscape.