Elbit America, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, has secured a contract to design and manufacture the gunner hand stations for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle through the Defense Logistics Agency, a move poised to bolster the lethality and survivability of US Army operations.

These components, crucial for positioning turrets and enabling fire control systems operation, are set to strengthen US Army Soldiers on the battlefield further. With production operations strategically based in Fort Worth, Texas, the company is well-positioned to ensure the deliveries meet the anticipated start date of July 2024.

This year, the Croatia Armed Forces acquired 89 Bradley Fighting Vehicles from the US in a deal worth $196.4m. The country will receive 62 fully equipped fighting vehicles as part of the deal.

In a separate development, the US also delivered Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine to help transport Ukrainian troops in combat zones and provide offensive and defensive capabilities following the invasion of Russian soldiers into Ukrainian territory. 

The design and production of gunner hand stations for Bradley variants have been a core focus for over two decades. Ridge Sower, Vice President for Ground Combat and Precision Targeting at Elbit America, emphasised, “For more than 20 years, Elbit America has designed and manufactured the hand stations for Bradley variants.” 

Our expertise in producing these components have led to modular designs and commonality across vehicle platforms. The end result is a superior, rugged solution that we can produce quickly and get to Soldiers on the battlefield.”

Alongside gunner hand stations, Elbit America provides components integral to the Bradley Family of Vehicles, including commander hand stations, ruggedised tactical displays, the turret processor unit, and the single card turret processor unit.

As these essential gunner hand station deliveries kick off in July 2024, Elbit America’s commitment to advancing military technology and supporting US Army personnel remains resolute. Through design, manufacturing, and delivering reliable solutions, Elbit America continues to contribute to the US’s defence capabilities on the modern battlefield.

This week, L3Harris and Team Lynx secured a $700m contract to design and prototype the US Army’s next-gen combat vehicle, the XM30 Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle. The XM30 is the centrepiece of the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program and is in place to replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.