Curtiss-Wright Corporation has secured a contract from General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) to supply modular open systems approach (MOSA) compliant technology for the managed switch field upgrade programme of the Stryker ground combat vehicle.

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has clinched a contract with General Dynamics Land Systems to augment the technology of the US Army’s Stryker ground combat vehicle. The corporation is set to provide its DBH-670 Digital Beachhead line replaceable unit.

In June this year, the US Army received 300 Stryker DVHA1 armoured fighting vehicles from General Dynamics in a deal for $712.3m dating back to 2020. In other international Stryker developments this year, Bulgaria also purchased 183 vehicles from the US in a $1.5bn (Lv2.8bn) deal.

Lynn M. Bamford, Chair and CEO of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, expressed pride in their selection by GDLS for this project. She stated, “Curtiss-Wright is very proud to have been selected by General Dynamics Land Systems to provide our rugged vehicle management processing and ethernet switch technology to support the upgrade of the Stryker combat vehicle. 

This award reflects our leadership in commercial-off-the-shelf technologies and closely aligns with our strategy of delivering best-in-class solutions based on the Modular Open Systems Approach mandated by the US DoD.”

The heart of this endeavour lies in Curtiss-Wright’s DBH-670 Digital Beachhead, which has proven its mettle on the Stryker combat vehicle platform for over half a decade. 

Designed to thrive in harsh battlefield environments, the DBH-670 combines a US Army VICTORY network switch and vehicle management computer, packed into a size, weight, power, and cost-optimised line replaceable unit. The DBH-670’s capabilities enable a true network-centric architecture, granting access to common services for all connected and authorised equipment on the platform.

This contract represents Curtiss-Wright’s commitment to providing technology that empowers the US Army’s Stryker combat vehicle to meet the demands of the future battlefield. Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division spearheads this project, operating within the Defense Electronics segment.

Curtiss-Wright reported sales of $2.6bn for the entire year of 2022. The company also recorded a 15% increase in new orders to $2.9bn and a 19% rise in backlog. The Defence Electronics segment saw Q4 adjusted sales increase by 37% to $236m, and Q4 adjusted operating income grew by 33% to $70m.

General Dynamics has also selected US-based Curtiss-Wright for international services; an example includes Curtiss-Wright providing MRO services for the Austrian Army’s Ulan infantry fighting vehicle fleet. This agreement was to replace the original Ulan IFV turret drive system electronic components and mechanical hardware. 

This collaboration with General Dynamics Land Systems is set to redefine the capabilities of one of the US Army’s combat vehicles, ensuring it remains a force on the modern battlefield.